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PlugCo Pipe plugs and Pipe test plugs

PlugCo – a division of the ArgeSim Group – and the largest, most experienced supplier of high-quality infrastructure testing equipment in Turkey, has appointed Agbizz exclusive distributor in Qatar. Major products include:

    Features & Specifications :-
  • Flexible multi-size pipe plugs and pipe test plugs with bypass connection
  • Low air pressure pipe test plugs
  • Manhole test plugs.
  • Oval pipe test plugs
  • Conical pipe test plugs
  • Joint Tester
  • Multi-size flexible packers and bendy for in-situ piping repairs
  • Gas (Nitrile Rubber) Plugs

PlugCo’s standard pipe plugs are manufactured for pipe diameters from 30 cm (1.2”) to 3,600 mm(144”); back pressures up to 6 Bar (87 psi) can be safely tolerated. All Plugco products are suitable for pipe testing according to the requirements of European Standard EN 1610 and American StandardASTMC969M.

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Product Ranges

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Pipes & Fittings


Agbizz having a wide range of Plastic Piping Products from MMP KSA
We can supply a complete package of Plastic pipes and fittings for your projects.

The Products includes HDPE (High density Poly etheline) UPVC, CPVC, PPR Pipes and Fittings.

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HDPE Welding


Agbizz offers all ranges of Butt fusion, Elecetrofusion and Extrusion machines and accessories for HDPE welding Solutions from Hurner - Germany. Also we undertake all kind of HDPE welding jobs. Such as HDPE Butt fusion and Electro fusion, Extrusion and Wedge welding for HDPE liners

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Test Plugs


Agbizz offers a comprehensive range of test plugs from HOROBIN. A wide variety of drain test plugs and accessories are available in sizes from 15mm to 2000mm. Steel Test Plugs, Aluminium Test Plugs, Canvas Testing Bags, PVC Testing Bags and Heavy duty testing Plugs are available with Horobin Product range.

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