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NUPIGECO S.p.A. offers a full range of pipes and fittings made of the most modern thermoplastic materials.

Nupigeco was founded in 2008 by the merger of NUPI S.p.A. and GECO System S.p.A., two companies with more than 30 years of experience in the field.
The goal is to combine the expertise in the development and production of piping systems for the sanitary sector, industrial, gas, irrigation and heating, with the experience in the production of polymer pipes specifically dedicated to oil markets, chemical and petrochemical plants.

ELOFIT is a High Density Polyethylene – HDPE - PE100 system of electro fusion fittings and special components for the conveyance of water and gas under pressure.

ELOFIT is manufactured in compliance with UNI standards about HDPE fittings and is certified by the most prestigious Italian and international certification bodies. It is manufactured in accordance with the provisions of Ministerial Decree dated 24th November 1984 and meets the requirements set by circular letter no.102 by the Italian Ministry of Health dated 2nd December 1978.

ELOFIT fittings are manufactured by injection moulding of High Density Polyethylene and achieve the highest standards as regards:
- Corrosion resistance
- Resistance to stray currents
- Impact resistance
- Resistance to chemical agents
- Abrasion resistance
- Resistance to micro
- organisms
- Reliability for more than 50 years
- Non-toxicity

ELOFIT is suitable for the conveyance and distribution of drinking water and alimentary fluids, fuel and inert gases and for water treatment plants, centralised irrigation and sewage systems, fire protection systems and pipe relining.

The main feature of ELOFIT fittings is the high quality and reliability of the welding. When it cools down, the connection is even, strong, safe and reliable.

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