HDPE Fabricated fittings

While most of the project can be done with straight HDPE pipe and standard fittings, it is also important to have quality made custom-fabricated items, manufactured to standard, and delivered to site within the time-frame required. AGBIZZ HDPE fabricated pipe and fitting is means to solve installation situations where common fitting fail, meet more complex and cost efficient pipeline designs.

1. Size: DN20mm- 1600mm

2. Pressure Rating: SDR7.4-PN25 Bar, SDR9-PN20 Bar, SDR11-PN16 Bar, SDR13.6-PN12.5 Bar, SDR17-PN10 Bar, SDR21-PN6 Bar, SDR26-PN6 Bar.

3. Raw Material: High quality PE100 raw material.


1. Elbows -Segmented in all degrees

2. Tee, Cross & Wyes  

3. Long Radius Elbows   

4. Backdrops

5. Puddle Flanges

6. Manifold

7. End Caps


  • Quality of the work is easier to manage & maintain in a controlled environment. High accuracies on specified tolerances will avoid rework at site.
  • Weather independent fabrication will minimize production delays.
  • Manufacturing in dedicated production facility, will result in lower manufacturing costs compared with on-site fabrication.
  • A controlled production environment allows for better control of welding parameters and results in lower risk of costly rework at the project site.
  • Lesser dependency on field power, avoiding unnecessary time delays and power generation costs.
  • Fabricating fittings off site means reduced contamination of fabrications intended for use in food processing or other industries that utilize clean environments for product production.

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