HDPE Liner Welding

Agbizz undertakes HDPE liner welding for water tanks, landscaping, lake lining, pool lining and industrial lining.

HDPE liner is the most widely used geomembrane in the world due to its availability and relatively inexpensive material cost.

HDPE liner is an excellent product for large applications that require UV and ozone resistance, chemical resistance or high-quality installations. Typically used in landfill and mining applications, this product is delivered in large rolls with a width of 22.5' and is heat welded in the field by trained technicians providing a high quality, test certified installation. HDPE offers the most cost-effective liner for large projects. HDPE lining materials are a cost-effective choice for exposed lining projects. This product has also been used for lagoons and landscaping applications.


HDPE liner is a very technical product to install properly. HDPE liner requires specialized welding equipment and certified welding technicians to ensure it is installed correctly. Agbizz offers expert support for HDPE liner installations.

The most common method of securing the liners on side slopes is by means of an anchor trench around the perimeter. A batten strip or an embed channel system is used to attach the liner to structures.

Field Seaming

There is a great deal more field welding due to the lack of factory fabrication. Welding is done with hot wedges on long field seams and extrusion welders are used on detail work and pipe boots.
Seamed by fusion welding, heat is applied directly to the geomembrane panels by a motorized hot wedge welder. The panels are then routed through a series of rollers that fuse the material together. Extrusion welding is generally confined to repairs on the liner material.

Project Name: Ashghal - Lining of Emergency Lagoon