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Our BIG product range Solutions for your large-dimension piping network

Our  electrofusion couplers for water and gas applications are therefore made to enable a quick and reliable connection of your pipes and fittings.

Electrofusion is a method of joining MDPE, HDPE and other plastic pipes with special fittings that have built-in electric heating elements which are used to weld the joint together. 
Agbizz Mechanical Compression Fittings are safe for use on all pipe SDRs and available in diameter range from 16 to 160mm.

Butt welding is a welding technique used to connect parts which are nearly parallel and don't overlap. It can be used to run a processing machine continuously, as opposed to having to restart such machine with a new supply of metals. Butt-welding is an economical and reliable way of jointing without using additional components.

Available Sizes:20mm to 1600mm

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