The FERROPLAST MUTE Soil & Waste Soundproofed System is a wholehearted commitment to soundproofing inside buildings, since downpipes are currently one of the critical sources of noise in housing. This acoustic problem has, in fact, become one of the main complaints voiced by users.
FERRPLAST MUTE soundproofed soil & waste pipes and fittings are manufacture with PVC with a special soundproofing treatment.
Products Available:
Pipes with diameters 32, 40 and 50 - jointing system is by gluing
Pipes with diameters 75 to 250 - jointing system is by rubber ring joints
Fittings manufactured by an injection moulding process includes – Elbow, Tee branch, Y-branch, End Cap, Couplings, Repair couplings, Invert Reducer, Reducing Socket and Isophonic Clamps

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