PlugCo Pipe plugs and Pipe test plugs

PlugCo – a division of the ArgeSim Group – and the largest, most experienced supplier of high-quality infrastructure testing equipment in Turkey, has appointed Agbizz exclusive distributor in Qatar. Major products include:

Features & Specifications :-

  • Flexible multi-size pipe plugs and pipe test plugs with bypass connection
  • Low air pressure pipe test plugs
  • Manhole test plugs.
  • Oval pipe test plugs
  • Conical pipe test plugs
  • Joint Tester
  • Multi-size flexible packers and bendy for in-situ piping repairs
  • Gas (Nitrile Rubber) Plugs

PlugCo’s standard pipe plugs are manufactured for pipe diameters from 30 cm (1.2”) to 3,600 mm(144”); back pressures up to 6 Bar (87 psi) can be safely tolerated. All Plugco products are suitable for pipe testing according to the requirements of European Standard EN 1610 and American StandardASTMC969M.

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